Although small in size, Taiwan is full of culture, scenery, great cuisine, and wonderful people. My family is from there, and being Taiwanese-American is a huge part of my identity. It has shaped who I am, and what I eat. :) 
When I tell my friends about Taiwan, they always say, "I would love to go visit someday, I just don't know where to start!" When searching for where to go, where to eat, and what things to do, the internet is so abundant with information from different blogs it could be quite stressful!  To solve this problem, I wanted to create a travel guide that would condense all this information so it is easy to digest, and focuses on visuals rather than commentary, creating a stress-free travel experience. 
Illustrated maps of Kenting, Tainan, and Taipei, respectively.
When I went to Taiwan to visit my family during December 2019, I used my project to navigate Taipei. There are definitely some changes I would like to make, such as linking real maps and location tracking. I hope to eventually expand the scope of this project, and make it into a real product! 
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